Open data science

We have developed training materials for OHI assessments that depend upon open data science tools and practices. Our workflow relies primarily on four open data science software tools: R, RStudio, Git, and GitHub. Here you will find information specific to OHI assessments and for open data science workflows in general.

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OHI Manual

The OHI Manual is a guide for the Conduct phase of the OHI process. It focuses on preparation and use of the OHI Toolbox, which is used to calculate OHI scores.

OHI Goals

OHI Goals represent ocean-derived benefits to people. This page lists each goal and sub-goal, along with the philosophy of the goal and an ‘ideal’ approach to how it would be represented. There is also practical guidance for modelling, and examples from completed assessments, including global and OHI+ assessments.

OHI Toolbox training

Coming soon…

We are developing a series of hands-on trainings for the OHI Toolbox. This is in progress but is available as we develop it.

Data science training

These are other tutorials our team has created that are useful for developing open data science skills and leading OHI assessments.

Git and Github

R and RStudio

Spatial Analysis

Data Visualization

Additional resources