Ocean Health Index

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What is the Ocean Health Index?

The Ocean Health Index ('OHI') is a scientific framework used to measure how healthy oceans are. Understanding the state of our oceans is a first step towards ensuring they can continue providing humans benefits now and in the future.

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Where have OHI assessments been done?

We've led global OHI assessments of 220 coastal nations and territories every year since 2012, and also lead OHI assessments at smaller scales.

Additionally, we share code and provide training and support for independent groups interested in leading their own OHI assessments. These are called independent OHI assessments, or 'OHI+ assessments'.

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Open data science for marine science and management

The OHI is transforming the way marine science streamlines with coastal management by leveraging practices and tools from open science and data science. We work openly online and have shared our story in publications and blogs. We teach these practices and tools to groups leading OHI+ assessments.

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How do I get started?

We provide free instruction and software so you can conduct your own OHI+ assessment. There are four phases to the assessment process: Learn, Plan, Conduct, and Inform.

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What makes OHI stand out in the sea of environmental indicators?

The analogies for environmental indicators are endless. They are like the blood pressure of health, the stock values of investments, the GDP of economies. Their abundance may be rivaled only by that of indicators themselves – nutrient concentrations in water, fish biomass yields, sea surface temperature, species populations… and the list of ways we measure the status of our natural assets goes on.

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