Chapter 1 Welcome

Welcome. This training program is under active development and testing.

This 2-day training workshop will introduce you to open data science so you can work with data in an open, reproducible, and collaborative way. Open data science means that methods, data, and code are available so that others can access, reuse, and build from it without much fuss. Here you will learn a workflow with R, RStudio, Git, and GitHub, as we describe in Lowndes et al. 2017: Our path to better science in less time using open data science tools.

This workshop is going to be fun, because learning these open data science tools and practices is empowering! This training book is written so you can use it as self-paced learning, or it can be used to teach an in-person workshop. Either way, you should do everything hands-on on your own computer as you learn.

Before you begin, be sure you are all set up: see the prerequisites in Chapter 2.

Suggested breakdown for a 2-day workshop:

time Day 1 Day 2
9-10:30 Motivation, R & RStudio, Rmarkdown Data Wrangling: tidyr
11-12:30 GitHub Programming
13:30-15:00 Visualization: ggplot2 Collaborating with GitHub
15:30-17:00 Data Wrangling: dplyr TBD…