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Year in review: 2018

The end of the year is always a time for reflection as well as forward thinking. Here are some of our top highlights from 2018 and what’s to come in 2019.


Fellowship Feature: Reflections on teaching the first cohort of fellows

In 2018, we launched the Ocean Health Index Fellows Program and we (Melanie Frazier and Julie Lowndes) led its first-ever cohort of three Fellows. The Fellows conducted the annual global assessment using our open data science tools and workflows. The Fellows successfully calculated global OHI scores for 2018 while learning important skills that are valuable to the global OHI team, as well as the broader environmental data science community.


Fellowship Feature: Applying data science principles

The Ocean Health index (OHI) is a framework that uses data science principles to measure how sustainably we are using ocean resources. This definition highlights two main points: data science principles and ocean resource management. As an OHI Global Fellow, we were trained on the data science tools and workflows OHI uses to conduct the annual global assessment.


What makes OHI stand out in the sea of environmental indicators?

The analogies for environmental indicators are endless. They are like the blood pressure of health, the stock values of investments, the GDP of economies. Their abundance may be rivaled only by that of indicators themselves – nutrient concentrations in water, fish biomass yields, sea surface temperature, species populations… and the list of ways we measure the status of our natural assets goes on.


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