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The OHI Toolbox is useful far beyond ocean management

We get asked a lot whether the OHI Toolbox can be used for other projects besides the Ocean Health Index (OHI). And the answer is yes, absolutely. This is because the software and workflow we built the Toolbox with are not unique to OHI: we did not develop them, we are simply using them for our project. It’s like how we use Gmail and Skype to effectively communicate within our team, but we did not develop these software programs.


The unseen data: A story of OHI intermediate data layers

When you first explore the Ocean Health Index (OHI), the thing that usually sticks most is the final score, a number ranging from 0-100. While there are a multitude of ways these scores can catalyze discussion and stakeholder engagement, another question is often what else can OHI be used for?


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