Peer-reviewed publications by the OHI team; * indicates open access.
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OHI assessments

Best Practices
U.S. West Coast
  • Halpern et al. 2014, PLoS ONE*. Assessing the health of the U.S. West Coast with a regional-scale application of the Ocean Health Index. (data)
  • Selig et al. 2015, Ecosystem Services. Measuring indicators of ocean health for an island nation: The Ocean Health Index for Fiji.
  • Longo et al. 2017, Frontiers in Marine Science. Using the Ocean Health Index to Identify Opportunities and Challenges to Improving Southern Ocean Ecosystem Health.

OHI supporting methods

Cumulative Human Impacts
Reference points
  • Samhouri et al. 2012, Ecosphere. Sea Sick? Setting targets to assess ocean health and ecosystem services.
  • Frazier et al. 2016, PLoS ONE*. Mapping Uncertainty Due to Missing Data in the Global Ocean Health Index.
Goal weighting
  • Halpern et al. 2013, Marine Policy. Elicited preferences for components of ocean health in the California Current.
  • Jacobsen et al. 2014, Marine Policy. A global synthesis of the economic multiplier effects of marine sectors.

Marine assessments

  • Katona et al. 2017, OpenChannels: Forum for Ocean Planning and Management*. Navigating the seascape of ocean management: waypoints on the voyage toward sustainable use.

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