Global Ocean Health Index assessments require synthesizing highly heterogeneous information from nearly one hundred sources. We process data from each source to calculate OHI scores using freely available coding and version control software.

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We have published peer-reviewed manuscripts about Ocean Health Index methods, global assessments, assessments at other spatial scales, and best practices for leading assessments.

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OHI assessments use the OHI Toolbox, which is built and used with freely available coding and version control software. We teach open and reproducible practices through the OHI Toolbox and Manual, and are developing a more formal training program.

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The Goals page describes what each goal represents within the OHI framework, with examples of how status models have been developed to represent different geographies. Learn more on the Goals page, and we’ll add your assessment as an example there too!


The Forum is a place to share questions, ideas, and solutions about OHI assessments. It is a venue to connect directly with other groups leading OHI+ assessments

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