OHI Presentation at RStudio Shiny Conference

by Julie Lowndes

“The Ocean Health Index and Shiny” video presentation (5 minutes)

In January three members of our OHI science team (Ben Best, Jamie Afflerbach, and Julie Lowndes) went to RStudio’s Shiny Developer’s Conference in San Francisco. The conference was an exciting opportunity to meet with some of our data science heroes at RStudio, learn about the newest features of Shiny, and discuss our work.

At the conference we were selected to give a short presentation focused on how we use Shiny for the Ocean Health Index. Shiny is the tool we use to display OHI inputs and scores on interactive maps and is a key tool for communicating results to a wider audience. Our five-minute presentation is now online: “The Ocean Health Index and Shiny”.

We were among a small group of diverse participants using Shiny in many different ways. In addition to our group from the Ocean Health Index, there were data scientists from groups including AirBnB, Genentech, Friss Analytics, Stanford University and the University of British Columbia. It was really inspiring to learn how Shiny is being used across all these disciplines. Check out all talks by RStudio and other users here.

So what is Shiny? Shiny is an R package developed by RStudio that enables you to turn analyses into interactive web applications without knowing web-development. This is an incredibly powerful tool for data exploration, data visualization, and communication to different audiences. We are using what we learned at the Shiny Developer’s Conference to upgrade our Shiny interactive map for the Ocean Health Index, so please stay tuned!