OHI+ Workshop in Indonesia

by Ning Jiang

Welcome Indonesia, the largest island nation in the world, to our OHI+ community!

Conservation International - Indonesia has just hosted the first OHI workshop in Jakarta, attended by 60 stakeholders from government, academia, NGOs, and the private sector, and faciliated by our senior OHI manager, Erich Pacheco, and project scientist, Ning J. Mendes.

The government officials have pledged to conduct an OHI+ assessment and incorporate the Ocean Health Index into its next 5-year national plan.

With more than thirteen thousand islands within its jurisdiction, the ocean is a integral part of the people’s lives and culture, as well as important for economic resources. There are also several indices being used in Indonesia for monitoring water, forestry, and land resources. OHI will fulfill the need to measure and monitor coastal management progress.