Resources for R and Data Science

Conducting an Ocean Health Index assessment requires collaborative coding in R, and we are often asked for the best way to learn R as well as other data science concepts and tools. There are many great resources available but here are some of the free, online resources we have found helpful as we’ve been learning:


Colombia's Ocean Indicator Framework

Colombia was one of the first countries to begin an OHI+ assessment: they have been working for 2.5 years. Their work has already yielded positive policy and management changes.


OHI+ Workshop in Indonesia

Welcome Indonesia, the largest island nation in the world, to our OHI+ community!

Conservation International - Indonesia has just hosted the first OHI workshop in Jakarta, attended by 60 stakeholders from government, academia, NGOs, and the private sector, and faciliated by our senior OHI manager, Erich Pacheco, and project scientist, Ning J. Mendes.